Accommodations with attention to detail, built in the small Tuscan village of Oliveto, a unique and relaxing location, where history and nature live together in full harmony.


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via del castello 6 Loc. Oliveto - 52041 Arezzo


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B&B Borgo di Oliveto - Bed and breakfast in toscana

The International Food Market in Arezzo is a great open-air fair through the streets of the city. A journey through the delicacies of the world in the historic center of Arezzo with over 200 taste stalls: through the streets and squares of the historic center three kilometers of taste with delicacies from all over the world, regional specialties and local catering.

A great tour of the world of taste that awaits you with the best international specialties!

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B&B Borgo di Oliveto - Bed and breakfast in toscana

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