Accommodations with attention to detail, built in the small Tuscan village of Oliveto, a unique and relaxing location, where history and nature live together in full harmony.


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B&B Borgo di Oliveto - Bed and breakfast in toscana


Gastronomic festivals

The Val di Chiana in summer offers the best of itself, also from a gastronomic point of view.

From May to September the calendar of events is always full, especially on weekends and in every city or country you can find a festival or a party where the local culinary delicacies they are the master: pici with chianino ragout, roasts, steaks, mushrooms, fish and many other local dishes. Traditional cuisine descends into the squares and offers the opportunity to combine the pleasure of beautiful evenings in company with the taste of an outdoor dinner based on local specialties.

Those who plan to spend their holidays in Val di Chiana will be spoiled for choice and even after a tiring day of tourism, staying at home will be impossible. Those who are in the Valdichiana in the summer can evaluate the advice, to spend a Saturday or a Sunday immersed in unique and popular atmospheres.

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B&B Borgo di Oliveto - Bed and breakfast in toscana

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