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Perched on top of a hill, between the Val di Chiana and theVal d’Orcia, Montepulciano is a medieval town of rare beauty that certainly deserves to be visited!

A unique village with elegant Renaissance palaces, ancient churches, splendid squares and small hidden corners, moreover, from Montepulciano, you can enjoy a fabulous and boundless panorama over the Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana.

The strategic position of Montepulciano makes it the ideal place to set out to discover this beautiful corner of Tuscany. The harmonious Pienza, the spa village of Bagno Vignoni, the famous Montalcino and many other enchanting villages are all easily reachable in a short time.

Montepulciano has recently become a very popular tourist destination with a significant increase in visitors, following the shooting of the famous film New Moon, a sequel to the Twilight vampire saga.

Piazza Grande is the heart of Montepulciano and the stage for the main events of the city, including Il Bravio delle Botti, which is held every year in August, and much more. A walk through the streets of Montepulciano is the best way to discover the city and its attractions and at the same time to admire the incredible view of the surrounding countryside all covered by those fabulous vineyards that produce the famous Nobile!

The walls of Montepulciano, built during the 4th century, enclose the old town, which is proposed as a succession of ancient buildings belonging to noble families and churches. The streets of the medieval village are teeming with childrenrestaurants and wine bars, where it is possible to taste traditional cuisine and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Montepulciano is also the land ofterm. The thermal structure, built in the late 1960s, takes advantage of the sulphurous waters that flow underground. If you want to take a moment to relax, this is the ideal place.

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B&B Borgo di Oliveto - Bed and breakfast in toscana

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