Accommodations with attention to detail, built in the small Tuscan village of Oliveto, a unique and relaxing location, where history and nature live together in full harmony.


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B&B Borgo di Oliveto - Bed and breakfast in toscana


Nearby towns

Our structure is an ideal place to stop in the most important historic cities of Tuscany and neighboring Umbria, all less than an hour away by car.

From the Renaissance and always alive Florence, with its many open-air monuments, in Siena with its famous piazza del campo, where the Palio is held every year, ending with Perugia, an Umbrian city known for the defensive walls around the historic center and its Gothic cathedral.

Each city has its own typical features and monuments to visit and each of them can be an ideal stop for a full-day visit.

Florence is indisputably the most famous Tuscan city in the world. Every year millions of people arrive in the "cradle of the Renaissance", visit the main museums of the city, walk through its streets admiring monuments, churches, palaces and places of interest.

Florence really has so much to offer and it is not easy to choose what to see, already walking through the streets of Florence is enough to experience the city and be enchanted by its unique architecture in the world, made of alleys, views and open-air monuments.

Siena is one of the most loved and visited cities in Tuscany, a place rich in history and art, but also of strong traditions, mainly linked to the districts and the famous Palio di Siena.

If you visit Siena for the first time I definitely recommend you go straight to the heart of the city, towards the wonderful Piazza del Campo, one of the symbolic places of the city. You can decide whether to start your day here in Siena or continue towards the Duomo, reserving the right to return to the Square later.

In the area between Piazza del Campo and the Cathedral you will basically find the main attractions of the city and you will most likely spend most of your time here.

Perugia preserves artistic and monumental treasures that testify to its rich past and do justice to the cultural primacy of our country. Although it preserves the appearance and pace of life of a small fortified medieval village, Perugia has a very intense city life, linked above all to the presence of one of the oldest Universities of the Peninsula (founded in 1308), as well as the largest University for Foreigners in Italy.

It is therefore not a museum city, full of tourists by day and empty at night, but a place to dedicate something more than a visit bite and escape dedicated to the most important monuments. From the National Gallery to the Etruscan Well, from the Oratory of San Bernardino to the Corso Vannucci.

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B&B Borgo di Oliveto - Bed and breakfast in toscana

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