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The lakes of the Valdichiana

Nature, fishing, birdwatching and gastronomy enthusiasts based on fish, can not but visit the typical lakes of the Vadichiana.

From the nature reserve of Lake Montepulciano, a "wild" environment where you can spot birds of various species, to the most contemplative and relaxing Lake Chiusi, to the great Lake Trasimeno, the Valdichiana knows how to offer lake environments of different nature and rare beauty.

Over the 3 most famous mentioned above (described in more detail below), fishing enthusiasts can find small bodies of water scattered in various areas of the Valdichiana, such as the lake Fisherman's Oasis as Alberoro or Lake Venus of the Venere Farm in Foiano della Chiana.

The Reserve is located in the municipality of Montepulciano, a few kilometers east of the city, in the southern part of the Val di Chiana, close to the border with Umbria, and in addition to the entire body of water includes part of the Canale Maestro della Chiana and some adjacent agricultural land. Lake Montepulciano, which covers an area of is a remnant of the vast swamp that occupied much of the Val di Chiana until the Medici era, and is today one of the most important wetlands in central Italy. In addition to the numerous wildlife emergencies, among which there are also many invertebrates (molluscs such as Unio mancus and Viviparus contectus, insects such as Carabus clathratus and crustaceans such as river crab), the Reserve is home to plant species of great naturalistic interest: on the edge of the reedbed in the small hygrophilous grasslands and in the submerged and floating vegetation have been recorded over 40 species of rare beauty and now unusual , as most of the wetlands that existed in Europe have now disappeared or otherwise degraded.

The lake has been little known for years, well known only to the hunters and fishermen of Chiusi, who for this environment have always nourished an intense passion, both for the amenity of the places and for the abundance and variety of fish and game. Even today, lush marsh vegetation is home to waterfowl of all kinds. It nests several species of herons, ducks, rails, myimicles and some swans. It is common to de-etch. Numerous species of pitch, among which, more rarely, also wild geese and pink flamingos. Around the lake, large resident game (pheasants, hares, wild boars). From a tourist point of view, the lake offers two restaurants and a campsite, located on its shores, near the headquarters of the Etruscan Line, and in the only place where the lake is accessible by car. (see also "how to reach us" on the home page). You can comfortably sunbathe lying on the "pratino" of the Etruscan Line or on the pier that is far from the shore going further offshore in the water. It is possible to rent small rowboats (at very low prices); in fact, for ecological and environmental reasons on the lake, the use of motor boats is prohibited. Here a dynamic rowing association is also located and on the lake there are also races at national level.

On the border with the Val di Chiana, nestled in the hills, in Umbrian territory extends Lake Trasimeno. Included in the province of Perugia, with its 128 km² of surface is the largest lake in central Italy. The lake basin is the heart of the Regional Park of Lake Trasimeno, declared a protected area in 1996 called Oasi La Valle.

The lake is home to three islands: Polvese Island, Major and Minor. Along its banks there are numerous villages. Places of excessive beauty, are the ideal destinations to spend a romantic day or weekend, with family or friends, immersed in the greenery of nature and surrounded by history.

The Lake Trasimeno offers both sandy beaches and typical restaurants where you can taste both lake and sea fish. In addition to visits to neighboring villages and islands, where green spaces and beaches abound where children can play in tranquility, as well as be intrigued by the many historical ideas that characterize these places, the lake is the pulsating center around which the Oasi la Valle, a protected naturalistic area, develops. Vegetation, characterized mainly by reeds, is the ideal habitat for numerous animal species, mainly migratory birds, which pass from these places, stop for a more or less prolonged period, and nest. The guided tours, designed especially for children, aim to immerse visitors in the deepest nature of the body of water and the surrounding environment. Finally, on the slopes of the hill where Castiglione del Lago stands, the trasimeno cycle and pedestrian track begins. A path designed for the whole family, characterized by flat and safe roads that follow the north shore of the lake, passing between the cultivated fields and the reedbeds.

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